2017-2019 Officers

National President & Chaplain: John Sims, Tennessee

Senior Natl. Vice President: Tim Mabee, New York

Junior Natl. Vice President: James McBryant, Indiana

Treasurer: Kenneth Roach, Connecticut

Secretary: Bill Birkhimer, Pennsylvania

Supply Officer: Jarrett Robinson, Tennessee

Sgt. at Arms: Larry Miller, Tennessee

Judge Advocate: Bryan Roehrig, Tennessee

Three Year Trustee: Lee Daniels, Tennessee

Two Year Trustee & Real Son Liaison: Jerry Orton, New York

One Year Trustee: "Uncle Wesley" McBryant, Indiana

Editor, "The National Son": Greg Eanes, Virginia

Brothers serving in the spirit of:

Freedom. That condition enjoyed by the people of this nation through the leadership of George Washington and which the Spanish - American War Veterans in their youth carried to the people of Cuba.

Patriotism. The love of one's country that inspired the volunteers of 1898 to forsake all ties of home and business and offer their lives, if necessary, to bring liberty to an oppressed people struggling against tyranny.

Humanity. That sense of duty to our fellow men which animated our fathers in the performance of duty, that relieved the starvation in Puerto Rico, liberated the people of the Philippines from oppression, provided for the open door in China, and stamped out yellow fever in our Southern States.